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Zire Nazar film is directed by Majid Salehi and produced by Mohammad Shayeste and Rambad Younger in 2019.Zire Nazar film was released on January 9, 2019 in Iranian cinemas.

Majid Salehi is a well-known actor in cinema and television, often referred to as a comedian.

His fame was featured in the Majid Delbandam television series and subsequently starred in numerous serials and cinematic works including “Singles” and “Forty Years Old”.

Majid Salehi has a track record of directing films such as “Three in Four” on television, but “Under the Watch” is his first cinematic directing experience.

Zire Nazar

A middle-aged man named Mohsen ( Reza Attaran ) invited Omid ( Amir Jafari ) home in the absence of his wife.While his wife is about to return home, Mohsen discovers that the holes in the sofa are causing something to happen.

There has been a general rule in Iranian cinema in recent years, and that has been the crossing of the various borders of filmmaking.

This rule is not due to the quality of filmmaking and the achievement of greater success, but to the emergence of vulgarity in Iranian cinema, whose borders are sometimes shifted.

Majid Salehi’s first feature film is a work that has easily changed the boundaries of vulgarity in cinema, and the change has been so overwhelming that it is unlikely that any movie will ever reach the record of the vulgar moments we see in the Zire Nazar film!

The story begins with the strangest subject possible.

Mohsen comes home and sees the sofa pierced and this makes the audience sit for an hour and a half watching the two main characters in the film explain why the sofa is pierced.Claims that under any circumstances should use the word “hole” and relate it to functions.

It is unlikely I know of a movie in the history of cinema that has so much emphasis on the word “hole” and repeats it for an hour and a half in various ways.”Hole” is actually the keyword that the audience must laugh at every time by generalizing it to an issue!

This “hole” has many functions throughout the story.At some point in the story the two main characters fight over Qatar or its length and discuss the details of it, and in another sequence, the neighboring character falls to his former fiancee watching the hole!

In fact, everything in the screenplay of Zire Nazar film is somehow linked to the “hole” and to some extent exaggerated in vulgarity that can easily mislead the audience.

All of the characters in Zire Nazar film are considered to be transmitted diseases, and not even an ordinary human being is found throughout the film.

The filmmakers are likely to have the biggest disadvantage of Majid Salehi’s new film being its vulgarity.

Basically, when jokes and red tape were dropped from theaters late at night, some critics and fanboys tried to comfort themselves by labeling them as “vulgar”.

There is no doubt that jokes should have some extent, but we have been reminded that many successful classic and modern comedies in the world are also imbued with this joke;

Even if there is a cultural debate to be made, it is a shame to say that Persian language is full of vulgar words that it is unfortunate not to use (cited above).

Inserting the phrase “for 5 years and up” is not a décor in the movie posters and has a separate sub for children under the age of 5, but what about the adult?


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