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The sequel to “Train to Busan” with the same style as the last part, has hit the theater after 4 years.

A movie that is close to our today’s living conditions. At the beginning of apocalyptic and science-fiction movies, the audience was taken to an unknown world. Perhaps, back then, it was enjoyable to watch this strangeness. However, with the outbreak of the Corona Virus, and its epidemic, the apocalypse seems a close concept.

You might have experienced getting out of the way when somebody coughs in the subway or street. Thanks to this new Virus, we all fear each other. A fear that remembers us apocalyptic movies, especially ones about zombies.

Zombies became famous with George Romero. We can consider Romero as their spiritual father. Monsters without tongue that often move in groups and without leader from the dead world to the living. The root of these monsters whose power is in their numbers goes back to a village near the Caribbean Sea.

A journalist who had heard words about a clan that was called the living dead, William Seabrook, went to Haiti in 1928 to see if it’s true. The result of his investigation was shocking. Perhaps the myth of the dead raised from the grave was not real, but Seabrook faced people who could have scared anyone. The people who would work without talking. Their distinctive feature was the eyes that were out of the body, like dead people who were staring a place far away. “Zombie is a symbol of fear and misery of Haiti people” Seabrook stated.

Zombies are nothing but poor, normal, insane, and idiot human that have to work hard on farms. In reality, zombies are not dead but are tainted by poison. Seabrook investigation became the start of a subgenre that gave clear reference to the human condition in the apocalypse.

Later in Romero movies, when these monsters came to malls and entertainment centers, this Ironic subgenre clearly showed itself. Zombies who came out of the capitalist system would destroy anything in front of them.

The human that was bitten in a moment of negligence, turned into another zombie, and became enemies. Humans moved toward the promised land in this apocalyptic condition which was Peninsula in the movie. It was a ship that was supposed to move a truck, loaded with money, out of the mess.



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