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Brad Pitt is a well-known name in the Hollywood film industry and was born on December 18, 1963. He has two Oscars and two Golden Globes. Brad Pitt made his acting debut in 1989 in the horror film Cutting Class, and his role in The Legend of the Fall (1994) helped him land a leading position in Hollywood. Pete proved that he was willing to take on challenging roles such as Seven (1995) and Boxing Club (1999) to prove his abilities and take the risk of playing in them. Pete received his first Academy Award for Producer for “12 Years a Slave.” He then completed his path to success by starring in the Allied films (2016) and the Oscar-winning role of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.


List of Brad Pitt’s Best Movies

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

It’s been about 16 years since Mr. and Mrs. Smith was released. We can consider the script structure of this work very close to the comedies of Howard Hawks, George Kueker, and, most of all, the seven-year itch of Billy Wilder. John Smith and Jane Smith are both secret agents and assassins. They have lived together for five or six years; Without knowing what each one’s job is. To better address the couple’s work, the film uses a structure based on parallel montage, which ultimately mirrors the script. The critical point in this work is the not so strong emotional relationship between the couple that existed before all their quarrels, and the other party’s job is just an excuse. Undoubtedly, the thing that makes Mr. and Mrs. Smith an ongoing work is to pay attention to the familiar clichés of life that can exist in the life of any ordinary human being. But this stereotype will double its audience when a full-blown battle accompanies it.

The Tree of Life (2011)

Terrence Malick plays a crucial role in Brad Pitt’s stunning play on the tree of life. Set in Texas in the 1950s, the film is about family, memory, and the origins of life, making Brad Pitt one of the best films of his career as the head of the family as a wife and father of three. Brad Pitt, in the role of O’Brien, uses aggressive aggression in raising his child. Although “Tree of Life” was not the first time Pete had played a father, it was the first time he had agreed to fully embrace the intricacies of fatherhood at the request of Terrence Malick. His actions may seem questionable or insulting, but he gives the impression that he is determined to become a better man. The Tree of Life is one of Pete’s best works, as it is one of his most unusual. His role is similar to that of the American patriarchal archetypes of the twentieth century. He is a strict and isolated person who devotes everything to his family, ignoring the irreparable damage that awaits him. Pete is the embodiment of the respect that sons have for their fathers, but at the same time, it seems to have a lot to hide. In general, O’Brien’s character is such that you both love him and want to destroy him.

World War Z (2013)

World War Z is a 2013 film directed by Mark Forster based on the best-selling novel World War Z: The Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. In this film, Pete plays a UN agent named Jerry Lane, who embarks on an international journey against time to prevent the spread of the zombie generation. In addition to trying to save the lives of ordinary people, he must also protect his family from zombie attacks. On a typical morning in the streets of Philadelphia, suddenly, the whole city collapses, and some people start attacking others. It soon becomes clear that the attackers are infected with a deadly virus that has turned them into predatory and bloodthirsty creatures whose sole purpose is to destroy humans. Pete’s performance in this film as a rescue hero is admirable. He is a brave person and, at the same time, a friend of his family.

Allied (2016)

“Allied” is an exciting American romantic film written by Steven Knight and directed by Robert Zemeckis. During World War II, Max Watan (Pete) and French fighter Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard), as a couple, are sent to Casablanca to assassinate the German ambassador. They fall in love with each other while on a mission and eventually get married, but this puts them at risk. Allied is reminiscent of the World War II melodramas of the 1940s, in which Pete and Cotillard fall in love, regardless of the chaotic atmosphere in which they live. The film can be considered a combination of two consecutive stories with separate themes. It can be described as a story about terror and love and another story about Pete’s mission to uncover the secret of his wife being a spy. The good performances of Pete and Cotillard have made the suspension of the film better, and the audience will follow it until the end.

Troy (2004)

The story of Troy, as its name implies, is inspired by Greek mythology. In this film, Greek soldiers invade the city to conquer Troy, and after finding no way to penetrate the city, they build a huge wooden horse and penetrate the city by hiding in this horse. This map paves the way for the conquest and destruction of Troy.

Brad Pitt plays Achilles, one of the most famous myths of ancient Greece. Undoubtedly, this film deserves to be on the list of Brad Pitt’s best films in many ways because he beautifully played the role of a mythical character and portrayed different angles of Achilles’ character well. As much as he plays Achilles in warfare and courage, he successfully expresses Achilles’ feelings and emotions. It is interesting to know that Brad Pitt trained for about six months to get the role of Achilles and went on a special diet to appear in the stature of a Greek myth. For this reason, Troy can be considered one of the best historical films of Brad Pitt.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a romantic drama directed by David Fincher with a different and memorable Brad Pitt play. The story of this film is an adaptation of a short story written by Scott Fitzgerald, which of course, has been changed. Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button in the film. A person who is born an old man, and the older he gets, the younger he looks. Benjamin falls in love as a teenager when he looks like an old man and falls in love with Daisy (played by Cate Blanchett). But as time goes on, Benjamin gets younger and prettier as Daisy gets older. Pete’s outstanding performance in a very challenging role earned him his second Academy Award nomination, this time for the first time in the Best Actor category.

Seven (1995)

Most agree that Seven has a higher level than the average crime trailer, which is mostly due to the extraordinary performances of actors such as Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and the different and surprising role of Kevin Spacey. Undoubtedly Seven is David Fincher’s masterpiece, and Fincher is good at directing a compelling black story. Perhaps it is not far-fetched to mention Pete in Seven as the most famous game of his career. His performance as a novice detective named Mills in the film’s last moments deals devastating blows and is surprising. Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a kind and hard-working detective about to retire, accompanies Pete through painful things in his career. They have a mission to stop a serial killer whose murder is based on seven deadly sins, but soon they get involved in the case more than they should. An essential feature of Pete’s role is the weaknesses that exist in his character as a hero, and he shines in the role he plays as a complex and not-so-perfect character in this role.

Legends of the Fall (1994)

For many, Legends of the Fall is a film that cemented Brad Pitt as a Hollywood star. The film, made in 1994, was adapted from the novel of the same name and directed by Edward Zwick. Other actors who helped Brad Pitt in the film include stars such as Anthony Hopkins and Henry Thomas. It was with this film that Pete was nominated for a Golden Globe for the first time. The story of this film goes back to before the First World War, and it is about three brothers, and their father who live in a remote forest and the focus of the film is to show the impact that the war has on their lives. In this film, Pete plays the middle brother Tristan Ladloff and has a much more complex personality than his other brothers. His performance in this film can be described as tangible, with a highly dramatic and intimate aspect. In this film, Pete plays a challenging role as a character who experiences many injuries in every scene.

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