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The Phoenix (Zumruduanka) Drama Turkish Series Season 2

The Turkish romantic and dramatic series, phoenix (Zumruduanka in turkey), is one of the best series on Turkish Fox TV. We will demonstrate the cast and the summary of this series in the following.

Phoenix series information

The Turkish series, phoenix, is produced by Pastel Film. This series is produced by the order of Fox TV.

  • This series is in the genre of Romantic Drama
  • The director is Serhan Sahin
  • The screenwriters are Can Sinan (1-9 episodes), Eylem Canpolat (10- episodes)
  • The filming location is the city of Cappadocia

The summary of the phoenix series

Zumrut (Ceren Yilmaz) is a young and beautiful girl who lives with her mom Ulfet (Hatice Aslan), her sister (Miray Akay), and her father. She works in a factory and financially supports her family. The factory belongs to the powerful family of Demirkan who is a known family in Cappadocia. The heir of the Demirkan family is a handsome and young boy named Serhat (Alp Navruz), who loves Zumrut. Serhat and Zumrut secretly date each other and hope they can get married after Serhat is discharged from military service.

Serhat’s Death and bad luck for Zumrut

Zumrut tends to wait for her beloved but when she finds out about the death of Serhat during duty, her marriage plan is destroyed. Both Zumrut and Demirkan family, mourn for Serhat’s death. One year later, Zumrut’s fate once again meets with the Demirkan family. This time, Serhat’s uncle (Adil) wants Zumrut. Adil is a middle-aged man working as the CEO of the factory that Zumrut works in. Her beauty and thinking character caught his eyes and He has finally found someone he wants to marry, but whatever he does, he can’t win Zumrut’s heart. Zumrut will not accept to marry him and it doesn’t matter that he is from a rich family. She can’t explain that she was going to marry Serhat. She still loves Serhat and after his death, she is still mourning for him. That is why she doesn’t accept his proposal. However, Zumrut’s mother finds out that Adil loves her daughter.

Zumrut and Adil marriage

Ulfet is a passionate woman that wants to get rid of poverty. Therefore she wants her daughter to marry a rich man and when she finds out about Adil’s love for her daughter, she does whatever she can to convince Zumrut to accept Adil’s proposal. Ulfet tries every possible way to convince her.

Finally, she works with her little daughter, Meliha, and makes a plan. According to their plan, if Zumrut doesn’t accept to marry Adil, Meliha will be forced to marry him. In this plan, Meliha says if she is forced into marriage, she will do suicide. So, Zumrut accepts to marry Adil, to save her sister.



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