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The Best Anime That Sword Art Online Fans Should Watch

This article is for those who, after watching Sword Art Online, looked for similar anime, but did not find a suitable one. The world of anime is a paradise in itself, now think about adding a spice of computer games to it! The result is a dreamy concoction that all avatars and gamers want to drink. Entering the world of Sword Art Online makes everyone looking for an alternative. So, we decided to introduce you to the top 10 anime that are just like Sword Art Online.

Log Horizon

This anime is the most similar to Sword Art Online. Log Horizon uses a similar storyline. In this anime, people are imprisoned inside a machine and must try to get out of it. Of course, the bitter greed for death must be added to this part. The story begins with 30,000 people caught in an online game. The main character of the anime Shiro, along with his best friend Nautsugo and another character named Akatsuki, try to save themselves from this situation.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight

Before Sword Art Online and other anime became popular, there was a work called .hack // Legend of the Twilight, and even if it wasn’t popular, it was the beginning of the genre. Sogo and his twin sister Rena enter a computer game with their friends. They begin to operate within the world of the game and go through various stages until one day they encounter a stubborn monster, but they cannot defeat it and lose the game. Only Sogo and Rena remain in the game. Shortly afterwards, they find out that their friend’s body is in a coma. Now Sogo and Rena are the only ones who can solve this puzzle.


Today’s world is dying with the advancement of technology. When you play a game, you control and personalize its character, can you not get used to it and you do not want to be in their place? This anime moves the story forward with its own gentle and extraordinary rhythm and makes you more immersed in its atmosphere. The story is about a young man named Ryoto Sakamoto who has never received any combat training and self-defense in his life; but in Btooom, it has the highest score. One day when Ryoto Sakamoto wakes up, he finds himself on a tropical island. Soon he sees someone in the distance and asks him for help; but instead of helping him, the person throws a bomb at him and…

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, leaves no room for explanation. This anime is currently one of the masterpieces in its style and the world of anime. The first season of this beautiful anime was released in 2013 in 25 episodes. It was very well received by the audience and lovers of Japanese anime. A man named Ern Jaeger had sworn to destroy all the Titans on Earth. But in one of the battles over his own life, he realized that he was becoming a creature he hated. As a result, he fought the Titans for the rest of his life with the power he gained, and was finally able to defeat the female Titans. But he realizes that another group of Titans is approaching…

Ixion Saga DT

Ixion Saga DT is also a Sword Art Online anime. This anime, on the other hand, puts a heavy burden on the audience; but on the other hand, with the sense of humor that can be seen in the dialogues, its weight will be slightly reduced. The story is about a boy who wakes up one day and realizes that he has saved a queen, but he does not know what is going on and what he has done.


Have you ever wanted to live in an online computer game that is very powerful? This anime is a memorable anime for all the otakos in the world, and if you are a fan of Sword Art Online and have not watched this anime; you have missed a great opportunity. The story of the anime begins when Igdrasil, which is the name of a video game, is closed. But Momonga stays in the game and does not leave it. He then takes on the form of a moving and living skeleton, which is called the most powerful wizard in the game. Non-player characters begin to understand feelings and emotions, and Momonga must dedicate himself to his new world; because he is all alone.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure began its work in this field before it started producing professional anime with advanced devices and equipment. Digital creatures live in the world of this anime! The place is called Digiworld. In a Japanese school located in the mountains of this country; Suddenly, heavy snow and storms begin, blocking all roads. Seven students named Ti, Easy, Mimi, Joey, and TK, are confronted with strange objects suspended in the air and suddenly transported to another world. These seven teenagers are now called the saviors of the world of Digis. They encounter strange creatures such as Digimons, but it turns out that these kids have to train Digimons to …

No Game No Life

This anime is also well-known like Attack On Titan. The story of No Game No Life is about a sibling named Sora and Shiro. The story of the two has been spread in various forms on the Internet as brothers and sisters around the world. Sora and Shiro also consider the real world a nonsense game. One day, a man named God summons the siblings to another world. In that world, war is forbidden and everything is decided by the decision-making system; From country borders to racial discrimination. Can Surah and Shiro save humanity in this game?


If the world were just a game, everything would change! Rescue, personalize, fight monsters and search for treasures. It is a wow world! But let’s think about it if the world were like this, would things really be the best they could be? The story of the anime takes place in a city full of spirals called Orario. Bell Carnell is a novice adventurer who always thinks he will one day make a fateful decision with the opposite sex. One day on one of his adventures, he is attacked by a man named Minitor; but he is rescued by a girl. Bell Carnell falls in love with the girl at first sight and does his best to reach her.



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