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The Best Action Hollywood Movies in 2020

2020 was very much affected by the spread of the Corona Virus, so many people died, jobs were destroyed, and movies were not an exception. Many movies were either delayed or were decided to be released on online services such as HBO Max. However, many great movies were released this year and this epidemy should not keep us from enjoying them.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of top action movies built by Hollywood as a guide for enjoying a night with the action genre. Let us begin:

Tenet Movies – WarnerBros


One of the best action movies that are worth watching several times. Tenet is a very complicated and thriller movie that even people who don’t like these genres could enjoy watching it. Christopher Nolan has done a magnificent job by directing this movie which he worked on for five years to picture the complicated concept of the timeline. Tenet will continuously surprise you till the end of it.

Two international and professional spies (Robert Pattinson and David Washington), get involved in a complicated journey and conspiracy to prevent World War III which can result in destroying the whole timeline. In their journey, they face a device that has given the ability to reverse time to humanity. In the end, the movie explains a scene that was shown at the beginning of the movie.

Metacritic: 69 Rotten tomatoes: 70

The Old Guard Movie

Image for post

The script is written by Greg Rucka and is based on a comic book with the same name. The old guard contains some marvelous combat scenes. This Hollywood fictional superhero movie is perfect for people who love to watch superhero action movies.

A group of four experienced immortal fighters led by a warrior named Andy (played by Charlize Theron) has fought for decades to protect innocent people in the world. A criminal tries to deceive an ex-CIA agent to find these warriors and solve their immortality mystery. This movie goes on with this team trying to protect their freedom and defeat the bad guys.

Metacritic: 70 Rotten tomatoes: 80

Bloodshot Movie

دانلود فیلم Bloodshot 2020

Although Bloodshot has faced some critics toward the story, this is one of the top action movies that you have the chance to see. It is completely based on a superhero and contains breathtaking scenes that continue till the end of the movie. Bloodshot is so popular due to the starring of Vin Diesel. The script is written by Jeff Waldow and is based on a comic superhero with the exact name.

Bloodshot is about a man named Ray Garrison that was a soldier and was then killed along with his wife. he is somehow resurrected with nano superpowers. As he seeks revenge, he enters the world of superheroes and continues fighting. He will soon understand many secrets that are behind his death.

Metacritic: 44 Rotten tomatoes: 29

The Extraction Movie

دانلود فیلم Extraction 2020 تریلر

An exciting action movie that is meaningful despite being so simple. The aim is to save a boy. This top Hollywood movie is great for people who love this genre. Although the script and violence experienced a little criticize, the actors’ play was very well organized. The extraction contains some very clear combat scenes that will keep you on your seat. It is written by Joe Russo.

In the underground world of gun smugglers, the son of one of the biggest smugglers in India is kidnapped by his rival and is kept in an almost impenetrable place. His father employs the most badass fighter named Tyler (played by Chris Hemsworth) to go on a suicide mission.

The extraction sequel was officially confirmed in May 2020.

Metacritic: 56 Rotten tomatoes: 67

Blood On Her Name Movie

Blood on Her Name – Movie Review (4/5)

With almost no boring scenes, Blood on her name has been perfectly filmed. Every scene of this movie is engaging and it will let you enjoy every moment of it. This Hollywood movie tries to thrill you and show the power of human emotion and consciousness. This thriller and action movie is one of the best works of Mathew Pope.

This movie is about Leigh Tiller, a woman that accidentally commits murder. After that, she tries to hide the crime and cover up the crime documents. But soon she feels guilty and suffers from guilty consciousness. Eventually, she loses control, and her attitude is then affected and changed as a result.

Metacritic: 63 Rotten tomatoes: 96

Debt Collector Movie

The Debt collector has some great and clear fighting scenes that are perfectly played by the actors. This Hollywood movie will challenge you in every moment and will make you want to be in that moment instead of that character to feel the joy. The Debt collector is one of the top action movies with complete picturing of martial arts. Debt Collector is a normal movie, but you will not regret watching it.

A master of martial art, that has kept his club by dealing with lots of problems over the years, finds out his life was not important and he has not done anything special in it. meanwhile, a Chinese group bothers him. French (Scott Adkins) asks his friend that works in a group of bouncers to work with him. French was a good man, but the universe put a lot of pressure on him, and finally, he changed his way.

Rotten tomatoes: 82

Lost Bullet Movie

The Lost bullet is produced by Netflix in French and is a top action movie. The story of this movie is simple but as time passes you will see lots of fast combats. It contains so many exciting parts including perfect chasing scenes which Guillaume Pierret perfectly directed. This Hollywood made movie will tape you to your seat. In one sentence, Lost Bullet is a fast, furious, and chasing movie.

Lino, an expert mechanic, faces dirty cops and gets into trouble. He is forced to cooperate with cops to prove his innocence and get his revenge. In the story, he must track a missing car that can get him out of this trouble which is a single bullet.

Metacritic: 78 Rotten tomatoes: 75

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Movie

Birds Of Prey (Harley Quinn Warning) Canvas Print

After not a good start, the producers changed the original name of Birds of Prey to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey which according to the story of the movie about Harley, seemed like a good move. This Hollywood action movie is in the 8th grade of most selling movies of 2020 and has faced good reactions. Harley Quinn is a superhero action movie out of the comic world produced by DC Films and directed by Cathy Yan.

After breaking up with Joker, Harley tries to save a young lady by teaming up with Black Canary, Huntress, and Montoya. These four deadly women will try to save themselves and the little girl from the known gangster, Black mask.

Metacritic: 60 Rotten tomatoes: 78

Bad Boys For Life Movie

Watch Bad Boys for Life - 2020 online FREE Full Movie download

Another action Hollywood movie in 2020 that has a history in years ago. Bad Boys faced great reactions from both critics and people. It is the highest-grossing movie in 2020. As you may know, Bad Boys is a comedy action movie that cops try to catch a bad guy. However, the story of this sequel is going to shock you.

In this franchise, one of Mike’s (Will Smith) old cases is shown. The killer is trying to take revenge on everyone who was involved in that case. The story starts with a shocking scene and shows that Bad Boys are not Invincible. I will not spoil the movie but the ending comes with a shock as well.

Metacritic: 59 Rotten tomatoes: 77

Greenland Movie

This top Hollywood movie with an action disaster genre should have been released in theaters on 12 June 2020 in the united states and eventually, it was released on 18th December on VOD and HBO Max. Greenland has the concept of fighting for survival and is based on a family relationship. This movie is about the up and down of a marriage. Greenland is a great movie to watch in your free time.

A family fights for their survival at the time of a collision of a meteor. John starts a dangerous journey to reach his family to a safe area. This family, among the city’s panic and disorder, are looking to save themselves. Greenland is more about a broken marriage rather than survival.

Metacritic: 61 Rotten tomatoes: 73

Honest Thief Movie

r/movies - UK Quad poster for Honest Thief - Crime drama from the writer / creator of Ozark

The brightest part of this movie is Liam Neeson’s play. The director Mark Williams, has established a very simple movie with so many excitements. By having a great fight and robbery scenes, this action criminal movie can be a good experience. Honest thief, might not be a top movie but it presents attractive scenes worth watching.

Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) is a professional bank robber. However, something happens and he tries to return the money to the FBI. But when they try to take advantage of him, Carter tries to prove his innocence and get revenge. in this way, he has to reveal his true identity to his beloved as well.

Metacritic: 46 Rotten tomatoes: 39

Love and Monsters Movie

Love and Monsters

Love and monsters has collected the positive reaction of people and critics. This action Hollywood movie has been delayed due to epidemy and was digitally released. Good lines and a good story with an exciting theme have turned watching this movie into an enjoyable experience.

The movie starts seven years after the attack of monsters. After monsters invaded the world and conquered it, survivors are living in groups at underground bases. When Joel (played by Dylan O’Brien) finds out his former girlfriend is alive and living in another base, he decides to reach her. The story of Joel in this journey continues with several people he faces on his little dangerous trip.

Metacritic: 59 Rotten tomatoes: 92

Project Power Movie

'Project Power' poster

Project Power, a Hollywood action movie produced by Netflix, stars Jamie Foxx and Josef-Gordo-Levit. Critics say that this movie’s journey to the end is far more exciting and enjoyable rather than the ending point. Project power shows brutal violence, drug use, and lots of action scenes. Watch this superhero movie if you like this genre.

Illegal drugs are going around in the movie that gives people superpowers. However, it doesn’t always end well. A former soldier (played by Jamie Foxx) finds a superpower after using one of these pills and tries to stop the drug from spreading. A cop also helps him in this way.

Metacritic: 51 Rotten tomatoes: 61

My Spy Movie

My Spy is the story of a man’s transformation into a better man. Although it seems like a family action movie, it contains too much violence and insults that it does not feel like a family movie. The movie received many criticisms about this, but it still can make you laugh so much and distract you from the world and this epidemy.

JJ (David Batista) is a CIA agent and is tasked with spying on a mother and her daughter because of a nuclear weapon selling. In the way, the little girl finds out about his mission so JJ has to do what she wants or she will tell everything.

Metacritic: 46 Rotten tomatoes: 48

Underwater Movie

This horrific action movie was released on 10th January in America. Genres of action, horror, sci-fi, and excitement are bound together. Without saying a word, Underwater takes the viewer to the heart of events that are mysterious and horrifying. Since this movie is based underwater, it was a hard project, but it is well directed and the cast has done a perfect job.

A drilling company is operating in the depth of the ocean and suddenly everything goes wrong with a terrible earthquake. An unknown giant thing is then seen in the ocean and the crew has to try to save themselves. The captain (Kristen Stewart) leads them to their last hope and they need to fight their way through.

Metacritic: 48 Rotten tomatoes: 47

Mulan Disney Movie

Atury Mulan Movie Poster 2020,Movie Teaser Poster,Artwork Wall Decor Print Poster 24x36 inch Ready to Paste

Mulan is a known animation story that is now made in live-action. Although some characters are omitted in the live-action such as Mushu, it is still a top action movie. This Hollywood movie is more concentrated on the battle scenes rather than the comedy and adventure. This has made it a very exciting movie and violence is a very important and obvious part of this movie.

As you may all know, a very old father is called for the army and his daughter decides to make herself look like a boy to go instead of his father. However, girls are not allowed in the army and if her identity is exposed, she could die. But, she is finally injured in the battle and the doctor has to take care of her….

Metacritic: 66 Rotten tomatoes: 73

Monster Hunter Movie

The first full trailer for the Monster Hunter movie is here

As time passes, many successful video games are beginning to become a live-action movie and Monster Hunter is another one. However, this action movie faced so many critics. Mila Jovovich is known for her role in the resident evil movie and is playing another similar movie again. Monster Hunter, pictures so many deaths and has the potential to ruin youngsters’ night.

Some soldiers are transferred to another world and are forced to fight monsters to stay alive. They find a mysterious hunter that helps them fight their real enemy which is just so big and enormous. This is the fight of their lives.

Metacritic: 44 Rotten tomatoes: 49

The Outpost Movie

Rod Lurie directed a true story and war-related action movie which turned out to be a top one. It aims to make you feel how it is to be on a battlefield and the producers have reached the goal by experience. You will probably be shocked by the scenes of this movie as it is not how you expect it.

A group of American soldiers are in Afghanistan and have to fight the Taliban. They have to cooperate with local people to survive. Their outpost is surrounded by three mountains and they are waiting for the Taliban. As time passes, everyone knows that it is only going to get harder.

Metacritic: 71 Rotten tomatoes: 92

Jiu-Jitsu Movie

Image for post

This R-rated action movie might not be a top movie but Nicolas Cage has played his role perfectly in it. Dimitri Logothetis has directed this martial art movie turning into a sci-fi movie. The film is mostly focused on fighting scenes rather than developing a creative and exciting story. Jiu-Jitsu is a little different than what you expect, as some scenes are filmed differently as usual.

An alien, known as Brax comes to earth every six years. A hero has to defeat him one last time and also for the first time. Nicolas Cage has the role of a man who plans to help the hero. However, our hero knows nothing about this and the only thing he cares about is his family.

Metacritic: 28 Rotten tomatoes: 28

The Hunt Movie

Image for post

This Hollywood action movie is one of the top and most exciting. The Hunt is related to politics but it is much more intelligent than similar movies. However, critics believe whatever point this movie is trying to show, it is very much under the shadow of its violence.

Some people wake up and see themselves stocked in a place and they don’t know where and why. They soon find many weapons and understand their purpose of being there. They will then have to survive and hence violence is begins.

Metacritic: 50 Rotten tomatoes: 57

Final Words

This list had some of the top action Hollywood movies. There are still many action movies that were not built by Hollywood and you could enjoy them. Movies on this list, however, were chosen by the scores of both credits and people’s ideas about them and all of them are worthy of watching at least once. So, your favorite movie might have been omitted from this list.

We have tried our best to show the best action movies along with lots of different genres that are combined with it. hope you enjoy them.



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