Sputnik Sci-fi Netflix Movie 2020


Sputnik is a science-fiction horror movie that leaves you with lots of questions and ends with a vague conclusion.


The Sputnik story is about a spaceship accident that only has one survivor. The spaceship comes back to earth, but soon it is recognized that a dangerous creature is hidden in his body. In this condition, a psychologist at risk of dismissal must enter a dangerous investigation to save his career and the astronaut’s life.

In the time when horror movies are trying to become similar to 80s American movies, Sputnik shows himself as a unique project. it tries to introduce himself as a prospective movie and at the same time, looks like 80s movies.

There is an interesting moment in the movie that provides a factor for Sputnik to enter into the list of distinctive science-fiction movies. This moment is as follows: the movie maker, after showing the alien, screens the gaps between the coexistence relations of the creature and his human host.

These kinds of scenes could have turned sputnik into a thoughtful and maybe innovative science-fiction movie. But instead, the Russian film-maker tries to provide an 80s monster movie and Hollywood style.

Sputnik’s entrance to science-fiction movies is noteworthy and interesting. The alien in this movie is one of the interesting parts of this genre. The perfect design of this creature, remembers the classic Hollywood monsters such as Xenomorph. This monster has bones and is transparent and also has lots of eyes to communicate with the modern audience.

Scenes of this alien crawling in the base and his attacks are some of the good scenes of this movie. In truth, whenever Sputnik screens his monster and direct interaction with him, it is in his best condition. However, when it comes to other characters and their vague relationships, due to the numerous gaps in the screenplay, it becomes so boring and tiresome.

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