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Serial Mardome Mamooli Part 2

The broadcast of the Mardome Mamooli’s home theater series directed by the young Rambod began on April 25, 1400.The authors of this series are Pouya Mahdavizadeh and Zahra Afshar.

The series will be broadcast exclusively on Thursdays by Filimo.Berdia Barazandeh has a special guest who is going to come to her beauty center.But strange things go hand in hand around her beauty center.

“Mardome Mamooli” is a different experience in the life of the young Rambod and is made in the style of sitcom series in one location.

Each episode of this series has about 20-25 minutes and each season has about 25 episodes, which based on the reception of the first season, the possibility of extension to four seasons has been considered for it.

Young Rambod said about this series: “In ordinary people, we are faced with a busy and playful work, in which only one of the characters is an Afghan couple, who, unlike the show that has been made of Afghans on our television and cinema, this couple is in a position “Intellectuals are in a gallery cafĂ©, and all sorts of interesting and funny things happen to them and the people who come to this place, which will be the spice of this program.”

The story of “Ordinary People” is a situation comedy centered on a center of fitness and beauty, starring Rambod Javan, Atila Pesyani, Shabnam Moghaddami, Elnaz Habibi, Lily Rashidi, Khosrow Pesyani, and Amir Norouzi.

The broadcast of this series will start on April 25 from the Filimo system and is expected to be one of the most watched series on the home network in 1400.



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