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Serial Mankan Part 26 Watch Online

In this episode of the Mankan Part 26 we saw one of the weakest episodes in the series.
One of the most interesting things that came to my mind in this episode was that perhaps one of the biggest flaws in Iranian cinema today is the entry into a genre that lacks both original and specialized genres.

In fact, Iranian movies or TV series are similar to a salad dish, which the director thinks can be added to the dish, but the result is exactly the opposite.

In fact, we followed the drama genre in the Mannequin series, which was sometimes quite awkward and perhaps even often successful in the comedy genre. That has already done a lot of damage to the story line. In fact, in the most serious scenes, we saw tasty games from Mars that completely destroyed the sense of seriousness and fear of that sequence. In fact, the director’s efforts to convey this feeling to the viewer disappeared in an instant with a strange self-sacrifice.

This is a topic I have mentioned many times in the course of my critique of this series.
But now that we are following the ending of the series, the flow of the story has gone to a point that I am really surprised by.
How can the director decide to release this episode as one of the final episodes of the series?
The daring episode said nothing happened.

We watched an episode that tried to act like the action genre from its first minute to its final seconds, but it was terribly wrong and far from the standards of the genre.

Even the characters’ behaviors were exaggerated and unbelievable. Kaveh’s sister, who repeatedly said, “They are killed, they are killed. Their murder,” was not only normal but also made me laugh.
I don’t say anything about Salman and Farkhande because he wouldn’t understand them in the normal way.
But it was strange for Kaveh, Bahram, Jila and his peers to close their hands.

Now we all know that we are not as weird as we thought we were.
This hand-closing system doesn’t even work for Gad Fader, what really this exaggerated volume.
Where Bahram was talking to Bodyguard Akbar and saying go daddy is this an Indian movie? I think that was the most right thing Bahram said in the history of this series. Uhh, is this an Indian movie?

You’re such a story, and you’re like the hostage-taking and rage that exists inside the killer. Salman Badigard is leaving Akbar.
Mars hit everyone. Easily pick up a gun with a stupid map of the pickup and the pickup and his bodyguard like two mental retarders just to stand and look.
Their bodyguards just came to die. And Bahram and Kaveh are inexperienced in acting against that highly skilled man.

We just turned around and experienced the thrill of the movie, but in reality the story just got confused. I was so frustrated with it that I hoped this episode would never be released.

The story is that it tells me that the story is going to be far from the minimum standard we set for her, as if blood would not come from someone’s temper and eventually Mars would be injured and then treated. But I think it really would be here if something was going to happen to someone because at least the weakness of the episode was covered up, we knew we wouldn’t see in vain.
But if this was a happy ending to the story, there is really nothing left to say.
We still have to wait and see what happens



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