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mankan 25

In addition to a brief overview of Serial Mankan Part 25, some of the key points of the Serial Mankan are also discussed. Tips that can be improved if the series continues to improve. Otherwise, it will not remain as a regular TV series.

Mohammad Reza Forutan is a man of power and wealth who, while having the face and voice of companionship, can at times entice revenge and crime with a smile on his face.

This initial insight could be drawn from the two scenes we saw in this episode of the series.But on the whole, the iconography of his office is reminiscent of the foreign films we’ve all seen, the mysterious killers and the rich rich men who speak politely but whose hands are bloody.

Hopefully, the disaster that came with Farzad Farzin’s role as a monolithic type in the tail would not come with a humble secret.In any case, his existence has created a relatively good balance in the series – a rich man with Kaveh and a rich man with his peers. It is hoped that this balance will lead to serious contradictions.

So far, however, Kaveh’s exposure to money has not yielded to peer pressure and has maintained its own code of conduct.But what keeps them entertained are the main characters.

Kaveh and his peers are still linear, lacking in charm and complexity of character.Whereas the two richest serials have at least received some minimal characterization.

Alongside the contrast between Kaveh and Kaveh in the face of wealth (though it has been diminished so far), another important contrast can be between the film’s rich and insidious characters (Katayoun and Akhgar).

Naturally, we are reluctant to see two similar owners. The two characters are definitely going to have to deal with each other somewhere, and better yet be able to make serious differences and contests.

So you have to see how the serial writer complicates this. So far we are still in the not-so-intriguing intro and it seems we have to give the Iranian series a little more time than the foreign ones.


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