Serial Mankan Part 24 Watch Online


Serial Mankan Part 24 is a social melodrama that sums up the story of always having great and beautiful love, great and dreadful enemies.The Mankan Part 24 series deals with the economic inequality of different classes of society and the comparison of the able-bodied to the low-income.Kaveh and his peers have started a romantic relationship, but social and economic problems are causing challenges along the way.

The influx of filmmakers and serial builders into the home theater network has led to a sharp decline in the quality of these works.In the early years of the launch and growth of the home theater network, works such as “Shahrzad” could be seen to have played a significant part in the growth of the home theater viewing culture, but we have witnessed the emergence of very superficial serials. Who are hitting the arena of serialization.

Serial Mankan Part 24 is the latest in a series of home theater shows directed by Hossein Soheili.A series that alone pushes the boundaries of superficiality and subtlety into the arena of home theater network serials, and surprises us at the beginning of the road with the narration of a highly poignant melodrama story that is a shoddy copy of satellite series.

The story is about a boy named Kaveh who falls in love with another girl named Peer.The two cannot live up to their love because Kaveh has many financial problems, and a wealthy woman named Katayon also buys Kaveh to be his wife and pay her family debts in return.

Mankan doesn’t wait too long for us to prove that the series is disappointing.In the very first sequence and with the presence of Kaveh and his peers under the snow, with poor effects, dialogues are exchanged, which you can see today on instagram clips aimed at arousing audience sentiment.

Dialogues that are sung with music, and as expected, continue to broadcast much of the video.A music video featuring a swing and a run that will convey the message to the audience that the two characters we see are very much in love.


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