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Serial Mankan Part 23 Watch Online

Serial Mankan Part 23 story is that a poor boy named Kaveh (Amir Hussein Arman) commits suicide because of his imprisonment, tenancy and the debts of his imprisoned father, albeit an apparently religious one. Her buyer is a very wealthy woman (Marilla Zare), no joke. It does not seem to send back the purchased item either.

Never having a romantic story line or some crying, a movie or serial should not be called a romantic melodrama.First we have to create drama and then love to be felt by the audience, then to name the oppressed genre.

Follow this article in the critique of the Mannequin series to see if Hussein Soheilizadeh and his writer are in the first important step, which is the very first part of the series, whether or not they have hoped to see a good serial in this genre.

Hossein Soheilizadeh has made his first television series for home broadcasting, following the rules and stereotypes that he has created for more than ten TV series for various television networks, including Distances, Delights and Native Songs.

Hamta (Nazanin Bayati) and Kaveh are many year old lovers.It comes from a serial quasi-Indian video clip that has had a lot of memories of ice cream, games, and motorsports. But Kaveh falls in love.His not-so-good play alongside worse dialogues has made him not like this character in the first episode of the series if he doesn’t.

Dialogue that tells the owner of the staircase is both badly written and badly written.The landlord has no reason to count on Kaveh but wins.Such unpleasant details suggest a relatively weak script.Although it is not possible to comment on the series as a whole, it is possible.

The rest of the characters are similar.Hamta’s family is torn apart, and as the film’s sad and humorous mood turns out, there is no bright future for her or her mother.Her mother-in-law, too, is a very stereotypical type of drug addict.

The first plan of the film has a good rhythm and shows the passage of time with a camera tilt motion.Except for this scene with a few nice, non-television frames, the rest of the scenes are duplicate images of rented homes or very luxurious homes with a very casual rhythm.The location of the prison is the same with the duplicate frames that we have seen in all Iranian prisons in all Iranian serials.



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