Serial Khoob Bad Jelf Radioactive Part 13


Khoob Bad Jelf Radioactive is the name of a home drama series directed and produced by Mohsen Chegini, produced in 1399. This series is a sequel to the movie Khoob Bad Jelf Radioactive Series.


This story is a continuation of the movie Khoob Bad Jelf 2: Secret Army, and tells the adventures of Sam and Pejman after being kidnapped by the Chechens.

Synopsis of the first part: Pejman and Sam have been kidnapped as hostages along with a yellow cake by Asif, the head of the Dagestan Free Martyrs’ Group, and they are supposed to go to Chechnya from the northwestern border of the country, while secret army spies are looking for them.

Synopsis Part 2: Secret Army spies find out that Pejman and Sam are traveling on a train to Tabriz, they are trying to reach the train and the station where the train is going to stop

The power struggle between the Chechens and the encounter of Pejman and Sam on the train with an unexpected acquaintance give them hope that they will be saved from the terrorist group.

Synopsis Part 3: The Georgian who took command of the Chechens is still seeking revenge on Pejman. Pejman and Sam escape from his clutches and the train with rewards. But at the end of the road, great trouble awaits them

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