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Kargadan Part 9

Serial Kargadan is a 2019 production directed by Kiarash Asadizadeh and produced by Sadegh Yari.Serial Kargadan Part 9 will air on Thursday, November 5, on the Home Theater Network, with a new episode airing every Saturday.

Initially, the series was to be called Pitok, but after the title track, it was renamed Kargadan .

The 5 youngsters enter the Kargadan Challenge through their skills, and this is the beginning of friendship between them, despite the Kargadan Challenge being designed by a big, powerful mafia that unleashes unpredictable adventures.

Serial Kargadan Part 9

Serial Kargadan Part 9 airs on November 5 and Sepideh Abdul Wahab has started editing Kargadan at the same time as production.The project is co-sponsored by Mehdi Yari and Kargadan will be distributed by Parsian Media Services.

Mostafa Zamani

Mostafa Zamani was born on June 31, 1981 in Fereidunkar. He was introduced to Iranian television by starring in the television series Yousef Prophet.

The Prophet Yusuf is the name of a television series about the life of Yusuf, directed by Farajullah Sultan. This series deals with the ups and downs of Youssef’s life. Mustafa Zamani played the role of Prophet Yusuf in this series.

He loves acting when he was a teenager When he entered college he started acting in the theater. He believes that the growth space for youth and adolescents interested in cities is limited and limited among male actors. And she loves Tehrani in red.

Through his friend, he realized that they were looking for an actor for the Youssef series, at first he didn’t care for himself on the first day of the test, forgetting his dialogues before reading the second Youssef book in the mirror of history, after signing a second 6-month contract.

She went to the equestrian and bodybuilding classes for a better role because of the pressures on the workplace she had to give up twice. Actor Youssef is a teenage cousin.

At the gym he met Mohammad Reza Forutan. He wished to play with the late Khosrow Shakibai.
She loves acting. She hopes to play a good showcase for Youssef.
He has not been married and is single. According to the contract, he is not allowed to star in any movie until the end of the series, believing that Mohammad Reza Gulzar was entitled to such a position in cinema.
Parsa regards Pirouzfar as a literary actress. In his opinion, Hamed Behdad is lovely and strange. Ali is considered to be the symbol of the will.


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