Serial Irani Moochin Part 4


The series begins with Marjaneh Golchin and Shohreh Lorestani, and after that, the camera enters the story of Hamid Lolaei’s family.He is a businessman and has two daughters who are not married yet.The role of one of the girls is played by Asha Mehrabi, whom Ali Sadeghi wants.

In the three episodes that have been released, the series has not provided any other details other than the love stories of Hamid Lolaei’s two daughters in the language of humor and seemingly comedic situations that perhaps the audience has seen more in the series of the 80’s.

The comedic atmosphere of the series, as mentioned, goes ahead with exaggerations and typography, and has not attracted much audience after three episodes.

Interestingly, the script of this series had been previously reviewed by the Cinema Organization’s non-cinematic production licensing council, and according to a Mehr reporter from a member of this council, no production license had been issued for it.

After that, “Moochin” agents received production licenses from the subsidiaries of the Radio and Television Organization.

“Tweezers” is the first series licensed by Sada-e Azadi, although in terms of content, it does not include situations such as triangular love, betrayal and other problems that have become the subject of criticism of home theater network series in recent years. But in terms of structure and extreme weakness of the story, it seems that there is still a lack of proper supervision in the production process.

Supervision that was previously in charge of the Ministry of Guidance and now, by delegating its authority to the tip of the arrow, criticism will be directed at this organization and its subordinate institutions.


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