Serial Irani Khab Zadeh Part 2


Serial Irani Khab Zadeh Part 2 directed by Siroos Moghaddam and produced by Elham Ghafouri and authored by Saeed Nematollah is in production and ready to be shown on the home network.

Khab Zadeh producer Elham Ghafouri says about the broadcast status of the series: His version of the series will be available to audiences on Wednesday in the Rubica app this Wednesday.We have already received the necessary permissions to broadcast on Rubica and will be announced at a more appropriate time on the home theater network.

In connection with the continuing production of the series after the heartbreaking incident that happened to the scene’s designer, he explained:

“After that heartbreaking accident and a fire in one of the locations, filming of the final sequence remained.Filming of all sequences is over and after the reconstruction of the location, a sequence will also be recorded. “

Serial Irani Khab Zadeh is currently in the shooting stages and is being made in the horror genre. Khab Zadeh will be made in three seasons for the home theater network and is currently in the casting and completion stages.

Khab Zadeh is very different from other works by Siroos Moghaddam, unlike the humorous capital city and the Narges family-themed serial in the horror genre.

The cast includes Alireza Shojaei Nouri, Ladan Mostofi, Reyhaneh Parsa, Amir Ali Danaei, Parivash Nazari, Mehdi Soltani, Sam Derakhshani, Iraj Nozari, Sima Babaei and Farid Sajjad Hosseini, who have front camera.

Khab Zadeh series written by Saeed Nematollah and produced by Elham Ghafouri these days are going through the imaging stages and will soon be heading to the home theater network.

Siroos Moghaddam and Saeed Nematollah, a prominent TV writer, had the experience of working together on the hit TV series The Salvation, the Wall, Medina, Michael and Under Eight.Now, these artistic couples are building a serial for home theater in a different experience.


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