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Serial Irani Kargadan Part 13

Serial Kargadan Part 13 is the latest Iranian series for the home theater network in 98 directed by Kiarash Asadi Zadeh and produced by Sadegh Yari.Serial Kargadan is co-authored by Mehrdad Kourosh Nia and Ali Asghar, a high-profile actor who came to the home theater network in the social and action genre.

Serial Kargadan is one of a series of home theater shows, directed by Kiarash Asadizadeh and starring the famous Iranian actress.In this section we have included information on the serial, photos and names of the hippo serial actors, the broadcasting time and the biography of the cast, and we hope you find something interesting.

Serial Kargadan is Kiarash Asadizadeh’s latest series to be produced for the home theater network.The director has previously produced the Auntie Auntie’s hashtag for the home theater network, and also directed the film Gossip and the Gap. The author of this series is Mehrdad Kuroshnia and Ali Asghari.

Serial Kargadan is in the social and action genre and is produced by Sadegh Yazi.
In addition to directing the series, Kiarash Asadizadeh has also been responsible for writing the script and editing it.

The project is being implemented by Mehdi Yari and will be distributed by Parsian Media Services Institute.The original version of this spectacular series can be downloaded with great quality from the dating site.

Preparation Consultant: Dr. Mohammad Ali Hossein Nejad,
Production Manager: Vahid Moradi,
Director of Administration: Babak Ardalan,
Designer: Amir Hossein Haddad,
Designer of Clothing: Coral Rose,
Video Director: Mohammad Rasooli,
Speaker: Faramarz Abul Sadegh,
Designer: Amir Torabi,
Editor: Sepideh Abdul Wahhab,
Planning Manager: Reza Bakhtiari Nick,
Planner: Mohammad Safafi,
Source: Maral Fathi,
Assistant Director: Mehran Shahr Ashub,
Music: Ali Shahbazi,
Cameraman: Behrouz Seifi,
Photographer: Habib Majeed,
Second Assistant Director: Mohammad Razavi,
Logistics Manager: Vahid Blower,
Special Visual Effects: Hasan Izadi,
Field Special Effects: Hamid Rasulian,
Action Motion Designer: Arsha Aghdasi,
Backstage cameraman: Ali Hamdkhoda,
Director of Public Relations and Cyberspace Advisor: Mansoureh Basmal



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