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Serial Irani Kargadan Part 12

Serial Irani Kargadan Part 12 is directed by Kiarash Asadizadeh and produced by Sadegh Yari on Saturday, January 23.

In the previous episode, we find that Daniel and Raha are confronted with Soheil’s body after what happened to Gisu and the assault that has beenfallen him.

Soheil himself was involved in abducting scabs and harassment. Seeing Soheil’s dead body makes Gizo the band to find promise and return to Tehran.

When Gisu was captured by Soheil’s hands, an anonymity with his cloaked face reached them and chased and killed Soheil after chasing him.Then it is Afshin who once again pushes himself to Gisu and closes him in the well.

Questions that form the main structure of the Hippo story. What a plan to play with vanquish in the aftermath of her promise to approach Venus step by step, and all this when she decides to find the root of counterfeit platinum sales that causes infection. Is it head? What is their relationship now and what is the motivation behind each of them?

Serial Irani Kargadan stories are once more complicated. This complexity has not yet annoyed the audience, and the uncertainty and uncertainty that comes to the viewer is of the same genre as the hippo characters such as Daniel and Gisu and Kazi.

Serial Irani Kargadan is still the highest quality among home theater productions and television series.

Serial Kargadan is certainly not without its drawbacks, but in comparison it is in many ways better than its competitors.

If we go beyond the technical points of the series, such as screenwriting, directing, and acting, Hippo performs better than the others with a commitment to its audience as a serial that entertains them.

Serial Kargadan with all its apparent complexities, is still a trend worth pursuing and engaging the viewer.

Socially, too, as a Serial Kargadan is the story of a number of young people, albeit small and difficult, but it can have a mild relationship with the hippo, which fits well with contemporary Iranian youth.Not to look for repetitive and hand-drawn love like other works, and to do the same.

In the end, if you are left to watch the serial in these weird and strange days, the hippo is worth a visit among Iranian works.



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