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Serial Irani Kargadan Part 11

Kargadan Part 11 series is to be directed by Kiarash Asadizadeh. He has so far produced three feature films, Gauss, Slit and Wave FM Row 48, the third of which is ready to go on screen.

A series of home theater shows have been completed and several serials are being streamed and several major show series are under production, including the one-about-a-month series.

The screenplay of this show, which has a special and interesting name, has been co-written by Mehrdad Kourosh Nia and Ali Asghari and is intended to tell a social and action story.

The show is set to feature Sadegh Yari, whose home theater series such as Forbidden and Aunt Hockets appear in her career.

According to Mehdi Yari, the presenter of the series is a high-profile action-packed series and will soon have the names of the media serial actors.

The Persian Hippodrome series by Mr. Asadi Zadeh is due to enter the home theater network market at the end of the Mannequin series.

It is rumored that the series is set to air in the fall of this year, but unfortunately, the exact timing has not yet been announced.

Users looking to download Rhino Serial should know that none of the sites exist until the links are aired and that Lian Mowei will be one of the first sites to download this series.

This is a highly-acted series in the social and action genre, summarizing its initial story: “Young people, through their skills, enter the Hippo Challenge, and this is the beginning of a friendship between them, regardless of the Hippo Challenge from a Mafia. Designed to be big and powerful, it is an unpredictable adventure.

After a few home theater series have come to an end, it is time for some new ones to replace them.

Hippopotamus is a high-profile drama series, with many of them being theatrical actors, which is nowadays a common occurrence in Iranian cinema and television!



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