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ham gonah 25

Out of Arman’s eyes, his father and brother meet Ziba and learn of his deteriorating physical condition, realizing that they have never known Arman. An ideal that alone throws itself into the fire and water for beauty and strives for its betterment with full faith.

But elsewhere a plan is underway. Gravedigger Death Plan. By staging, Parviz draws someone who has told Fariborz that the gravedigger will be present. But the person who introduces himself as a gravedigger is his own puppet, Parviz, and he is killed in the crowd by other puppets so that the police can close the gravedigger’s case.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The police character played by Parviz Parastovi is the most clichéd and ingenious character in the story, who lacks the spirit and credibility that other characters have.

The stories and the police arrests and closures of the story that Fariborz is looking for are also one of the most hollow parts of the script. The irrational events that take place in the scenes related to the story of the gravedigger and the deceptive stereotypes of the police distort all the viewer’s sensory connection with the series, and the bugs of the story are immediately visible.

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