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Serial Irani ham gonah 23

“This news is a rumor and I do not intend to perform it at the moment,” Kiai said in response to the fact that it has been mentioned several times that he is going to perform Takshoi on TV.

Referring to the series “Sin Sin” which is being broadcast on the home theater network these days, and the story and structure that it has a better quality than the works of this medium, he said: “Everyone is looking to do a good job, what friends are doing?” And it does not turn out well, and what we have done, and some believe that it turned out well, we are all trying to get a good output.

However, I think we worked hard for this output because we really took the time to write the script, the story and the cast.

The “Barcode” actor also said about his role in the series “Homogeneh”: “I was not supposed to play the role of Arman.”

I myself wanted to play the role of Peyman with Pedram Sharifi, because in terms of acting, this role was a challenge for me, but here Mustafa (Kiai) preferred me to play the character of Arman, while I did not write the design of this character for myself.

The actor of “Pardehnshin” series continued about why each of the families in the story has communication problems and even often is involved in separation: “This is the impact that the community has had on the families.” Outwardly, when you look at the patient family, it has a shell that is different when you enter, and people are separated, and we wanted to show that.



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