Serial Irani ham gonah 22

part 22

It is about the “Saburi” family, large and old families who have been exporting and importing flowers and plants for many years. They still live in peace in old houses, but the arrival of a young man in this family changes the lives of all of them. The whole story of the series revolves around the main character, Fariborz Sabouri; A police-detective played by Parviz Parastavi.

Family is very important to us. We are not going to solve the issue. We tried to show the reality. Show the contradictions and differences between the generations. In the past, we had changes in generations every ten years, but today there are changes every two or three years. We did not want to exaggerate in showing these conditions. The family has a very important place and we are trying to say how the family can be together.

Sima is a girl who is mentally inclined to be a boy and she says that she hates wearing women’s clothes. Some believe that the creators were so involved in the audit that they did not even dare to use the word “trance” in their series. “Homogeneh” is in front of “Aghazadeh” series, which has crossed the red lines as much as possible. Mustafa Kiai has said about this character:


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