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Serial Irani ham gonah 21

It can be said that everyone has an interesting story, and as the story progresses, the knots of the story become more and more interesting. The authority of the patient family, which is based on wealth and family originality, must be maintained. Families whose lives are even in a large building complex are a sign of this authority. The impenetrable authority of the families that the elders have been trying to maintain, and now that the family is older, they are no longer in control.

The previous generation of the family, who are now older, must maintain this authority, and what has affected it is the new generation of the family, which does not accept or doubt the previous occasion.

This suspicion can be seen in the marriage of one of the sons of the family, who realizes at the time that he has set the date of marriage that he has lied to the person he loves because his family has accepted his patience, and now he is in a double love affair. He and his family are there.

Or, on the other hand, Arman, played by Mohsen Kiai, has found an emotional conflict with Hedyeh Tehrani, who is the driver of Saburi’s family cargo company and is advancing the relationship according to his family principles.



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