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Serial Irani Gisoo Part 10

Gisoo is the continuation of the first season of the romantic series directed by Manouchehr Hadi and produced by Hooman Kabiri. This series is broadcast weekly (Wednesdays) on the Nemava platform. The first episode of this series aired on Wednesday, March 4, 2017.

Reza (Hossein Yari) is in trouble and needs the help of Soheil (Mohammad Reza Golzar) and Peyman (Hooman Sidi) to get out of it. But their plan does not go as it should, and things happen that take control of the situation.

Bahareh Rahnama, who had the experience of working with Manouchehr Hadi in the film Aine Beghal, the series Good Bad Ugly and Goodbye Baby in her artistic career, is once again collaborating with him in this home show series.

Manouchehr Hadi, a young director of cinema and television, in the third experience of making a series for the home theater network, took the Giso series or the second season of the romantic series in front of the camera, and soon with this series he will be a guest in people’s homes on the home theater network.

Gisoo series can be considered as one of those series that a large number of people are watching these days. This series is actually the second season of the romantic series.The romantic series is known as one of the most memorable and, of course, the most attractive series of the home show network, which has succeeded in the last few years.



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