Serial Irani Dracula – Derakula Part 6


Dracula is the title of the second season of the monster TV series, which started airing on April 23, 1400.The duration of the episodes of this season is about 1 hour.Like the first chapter, the author of this chapter is Amir Baradaran and the designer and screenwriter of Peyman Ghasemkhani. Filming began in February 2016 and is still ongoing.


Jaleh Kabiri, the new wife of Kamran Kamerva, who has been married to him for 3 years, celebrated his birthday and invited all acquaintances and friends to show off their wealth to others.

Kamran Kamerva has also started a new charity for working children and is engaged in money laundering as in the past and has hired Mahyar Mehrafzon.A magnificent party is set up and we meet Camerva’s new friends and family.

Mehran Modiri (born April 7, 1967) is an Iranian director, actor, singer and performer.In a managerial article, Newsweek magazine named Modiri the 20th most powerful man in Iran in 2009. Mehran Modiri is the last child of a family of six.

He has three older brothers named Mohsen, Massoud and Mehrdad. He became acquainted with theater at the age of sixteen.In 1989, he entered the radio and spoke in the story of the night for six years.

He also appeared in nightly radio shows as an actor during this period.The fame of a manager began in 1372, when he played in the Nowruz 72 comedy series.

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