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Serial Irani Del Part 9

Serial Irani Del Part 9 directed by Manouchehr Hadi will be released on the home theater network on Wednesday, February 9 and will be downloadable.

Arash’s agitation shakes his father’s heart, forcing him to go to Rosta’s house and talk to him. Atabak goes to Rasta’s family home, begs him to return to Arash, and when he sees his opposition, he demands to return to his work and returns to his father’s promises to show good will.

Atabak officially declares war on Turan by doing so! He threatens Turan, who tells the truth to his son. Turan, however, is not a retreat, and has vowed not to fall for Arash and Robbie.

All of this is happening as Resta escapes the relationship with Mehran by fleeing. She arrives with Mehran and almost agrees with Mehran’s proposal of marriage, and only does so after a few meetings.

Farab (played by Bahram Afshari) is reported to have gone missing in prison
And following the release from prison that one of the prisoners suggested.

Nasrin Moghanloo

She began her acting career with the movie Hope in the Cinema and received more attention from her husband.

She spent many years abroad after playing the unforgettable film. He then returned to Iran and continued to play in cinema and television.Playing in the guest movie, Mom introduced her as a capable actor.

I was very familiar with the art environment through my father’s work in music and my mother in theater, so I started my career in theater and theater from my childhood and adolescence, but when I decided to start my career in cinema Well, I started with Kianoush Aiyari’s “Two Half Apples”.

I remember going to the restaurant with my mother to play this movie, and my first appearance in the cinema was with Mr. Aiyari.The next day, Mr. Eiyari told Rasul Sadr Ali that I was introducing you to a new girl who was looking for a movie;So I played my second experience in the movie “The Victim” and soon after, Mr. Toraj Mansouri invited me to play “The Game” and then I played Mr. Habib Kavosh in “The Hope”.



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