Serial Irani Del Part 8


Del Part 8 is a young and talented director directed by Manouchehr Hadi, filmed in locations like Tehran and the North.

If you remember, the romantic series that was released in 1986 was very popular and had a high sales with a romantic, emotional and romantic genre made by Hadi. Shaken up, she plans to be a guest on the home theater network once again.

Babak and Maysam Kaidan are the authors of the series, both currently writing the Mannequin series, also produced by Javad Farahani.

Interesting to know: The Dell series is made in two seasons and each season has 14 episodes that will total 28 episodes.


The fictional atmosphere of this series is not like “romance,” though it has a romantic and family story.

┬áDell’s story is about praising love and distinguishing it from all kinds of love, which also deals with family relationships and the pathology of cultural and social issues.

In this series, we will deal with all kinds of love and what we call love, such as one-sided love, mad love, habitual love, and true love. .

It is one of the most unique serials of the year 98 written by Babak and Maysam Kaidan in the drama and romance genre.

The series, which premiered after Bonnie Kaidan’s Iran 2 and Golshifteh in a series of interviews with Bonnie Film, said that the shooting would take six months in Tehran and one of the northern cities of the country.

One of the strengths of the Dell series counted on the entry of popular cinema actors into the home theater series.

Kourosh Tahami

Kourosh Tahami was born in Tehran on May 4, 1971.Born in a family of five, he has two sisters, one of whom is older and married and his younger sister is a student.Until the first grade, I was in the (Pamnar) neighborhood of Tehran and then in the neighborhoods of Saadat Abad and West Shahr, now I live in west Tehran.

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