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Serial Irani del part 40

Simultaneously with the airing of the final episodes of the series Del, a new song by Ali Lohrasbi was unveiled for this series.

Ali Lohrasbi released a part of his new song for the series Del wrote:

And finally, what a good place it was published …

Many thanks to my dear brother Manouchehr Hadi who helped us prepare this work and 2 other tracks for the series “Del” with full support and empathy. Thank you very much for the efficient concurrence of Ms. Yekta Nasser Aziz, who was very effective.

And I am very grateful to my dear comrades and dear brothers in our own studio who produced this work. Mohammad Lotfi Nazanin with his unique song Milad Fallah with the song of all his feelings and Hossein Ghamgin with his first-rate arrangement.

Special thanks to the hadith of the dear peasant who has always been with him. Special thanks to Mr. Hossein Khani Dear special thanks to Javad Farhani Gerami, Mohsen Motafkarian first class, Farshid Adhami Nazanin and Hamrah and Hirad Niknam.



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