Serial Irani del part 39

part 39

We are gradually approaching the last episode of the series “Del” and although the end of the story can be guessed from now on, but Manouchehr Hadi, the director of the series “Del” has confused his fans a bit by posting a picture on his Instagram.


In the series Del Manouchehr Hadi, he portrays a luxurious and almost unattainable life for many Iranians, in which, as usual, two sisters always enter into a hidden battle over a love affair.

Among the interesting points about this series is the role of old actors of cinema and television, including Saeed Rad and Afsaneh Baygan.

Previously, well-known cinema critic Massoud Frost called this series a tragedy, and Houshang Golmakani, a well-known Iranian director and editor of Film Magazine, criticized the slow pace of the heart story as well as the unrealistic appearance of its actors (men always in ties and women always in makeup). In response to this criticism, Ms. Afsaneh Baygan said that this process was the director’s heartfelt desire and that we had no role in it, although Ms. Baygan herself acknowledged that the story was slow.

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