Serial Irani del part 38

part 38

In recent episodes of the series, we saw that Rasta’s father, with the help of his friend and comrade, who was a retired police colonel, was able to reveal the secrets of the girl’s wedding night.


Eventually, with the colonel’s explanations as well as watching the atelier films, he realized that he was behind all the adventures of stealing Rasta and ruining Nakisa’s personal wedding.

He goes to Nakisa’s house at night to take revenge on his daughter. But when confronted with severe physical weakness and poor physical condition, he faints due to high stress and anxiety and can not do anything.

Nakisa’s motive for this crime was his love for Rasta and, of course, Ava’s constant and evil provocations, but it seems unlikely that even if Khosrokhan realizes these things, he will forgive Nakisa’s guilt.

Episode 38 was also full of events. This episode should actually be written as Ava.Because he either implemented all his plans or reached the threshold of finalization.

He reveals the secret relationship between Atabak and Mercede to Turan and informs him about the two.Turan goes to the head and you see Atabak with Mercede in her house, and thus she finally realizes that her husband has been betrayed for several years. And his mother.

Ava’s goal is to keep Arash away from her father (due to financial and moral corruption), secondly to keep Rasta away from Arash, and thirdly to try to turn Arash towards her after these things are figured out. Pull to reach his carpenter.

He seems to be carrying out his plans one by one. Even after these incidents, he is with Arash, he does not leave him alone.He goes to the company to play the role of a comforter and comforter.He tries to win her heart by doing this (standing next to Arash in his worst days) in order to achieve his desire for many years.

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