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Serial Irani del part 37

Mehran, played by Mehdi Koushki, has denied involvement in the kidnapping case in the presence of Rasta, but should his words be believed? Mehran was in the barber shop that day. He threatened Rasta.

This young man is addicted to alcohol and is not bound by moral principles. He has aggressive behaviors and may go crazy at any moment and do something crazy.Therefore, Mehran is also one of the suspects, even though he pretends to be innocent.

Of course, Mehran’s guilt will not be a strange issue for the viewers who follow the series “Del” to the end, and for this reason, the writers of the series may have put him only as a deviant option in the story.

Heart series is a romantic series and the expectation of such a series is that it will have a happy ending and the main characters will meet.In fact, many viewers follow the series in the hope of Rasta and Arash getting married.

This did not happen in the Mannequin series and Hamta and Kaveh did not get married in that series. Will there be a bitter or unexpected ending in the series Dell?

If Rasta’s kidnapper is identified and his motive is determined, then Arash understands everything and goes to Rasta again. Rasta also calms down a bit, but what about Turan’s objections?

It seems that Turan will become a weak character at the end of the series, who can no longer resist.Therefore, one can hope for the marriage of these two lovers.In this case, Robbie will not have a good end and will lose this game again.



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