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Serial Irani del part 35

The series Del is the narrator of several intertwined stories that begin with the love story of Arash and Rasta and the disruption of their wedding ceremony with the theft of Rasta, and along with this story, other stories are set in the heart of the story.

Episode 35 of the Dell series was distributed on the home show network, and the file of the second season of this home show series was closed.

Dell series is the latest series of Manouchehr Hadi’s home show, which is to be distributed in three seasons and 40 episodes on the home show network, and the third season of this series will begin soon with the airing of episode 35.

The third season of Dell series from August in home show:

Manouchehr Hadi, the director of the series “Del”, announced the exact time of the distribution of the third season of this series in the home show by publishing a post.

The distribution of episode 35 of the Dell series, which is actually the beginning of the third season of this series, will begin in July in a home show.

On the back published by Manouchehr Hadi is:

Wait for two big events in the last episode of the second season of Dell series. The twenty-eighth episode, the end of the second season, will be distributed on Wednesday.

Guess the end of Arash and Robbie’s relationship? Who hired Nakisa to steal Rasta?

Manouchehr Hadi, after making a romantic series in a home show, went to the series Del and created another romantic one with the presence of famous cinema actors.



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