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Serial Irani del part 34

Manouchehr Hadi, in response to criticism of the rhythm of the “Del” series, said: “” Del “should have been made like this and its rhythm is what you see. But the story has involved the audience so much that the audience is confused and wants to see what the end will be

The same audience that criticizes the story of “Heart”, Turkish serials give a hundred times this tension, there is no problem. He takes the side of a gun, passes a part to his partner and looks easily. Or they see two hundred and fifty episodes in one location

Either they do not expect this from me or they did not understand it. The story of the “heart” is the story of people’s romantic relationships. Dialogue is central. Basically, the type of story and the type of narration require this

The audience may be a little annoyed, but if I made “Heart” again, that would be the rhythm of this series. The parts where Bahram Afshari comes and fights, the rhythm is accelerating, but I can’t say a romantic conversation, walk fast!

No one who likes it can see it. I do not know what insistence that someone who has seen thirty episodes says I wish thirty episodes would be ten episodes! Yes, I can assemble thirty parts in ninety minutes, but that does not mean that twenty-eight parts are extra.

I watch home serials, I don’t watch them wherever I get tired. But “Dell” is seen by many and we see feedback, and this is the most watched series I made. I understand this from the reactions

Everything is not in Filimo’s statistics and it is not something that can be proven, but in the same statistics, our series has a high rank

There are a lot of criticisms of the series, but all the critics look at it strangely. In “Romance”, however, according to the script, the story, rhythm and adventure are faster than the heart



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