Serial Irani del part 33

del - 33

What can be said about this series is that after downloading the series Del, you will definitely be surprised by the presence of Hamed Behdad in the role of a rich and carefree person, and the reason for this is the record of this actor in a very nervous role that he had in the past. And somehow it has become normal for the viewer.

Sara Bayat has a similar role to the romantic series in this series, but a little more attention has been paid to her and she is considered as one of the few key roles in the series. In general, the emotional dimension of this actor has been noticed by the audience many times, especially showing the seriousness of sensitive scenes with his special type of speaking, which is one of the key points of the role he is in charge of.

The series “Dell” will continue and has experienced great stability in terms of business, so much so that the director of this series wants to create new chapters for this series and show its subjects to the viewer better and with a more appropriate narrative style, which this series can do. To raise a higher position in the stock market of good serials of the home network.

The home network is newly established and its culture is taking root for Persian-speaking viewers, so we have to accept that making popular works will take more time, which requires the patience of the audience. Perhaps by giving more opportunity to the home network, a launching pad for Iranian cinema will be built.


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