Serial Irani del part 32

del - 32

Are Arash and Rosta getting married at the end of the series Del. Who stole Rasta on their wedding night.
What happens at the end of the series? Do Rasta and Arash get together? What about Robbie? Will the person who kidnapped Rasta be identified?

Dell series has been able to attract a large audience and now everyone is waiting for the fate of Arash and Rasta to be clarified. Many people hope that the two will get married at the end of the series, but with the problems that exist, can such an end be imagined?

Before the task of marrying Arash, played by Hamed Behdad, and Rasta, played by Sara Bayat, must be clarified, who kidnapped the bride on the night of her wedding and what was her motive for this criminal act? There are several possibilities in this regard.

Nakisa is a person who is trusted by Rasta and her family, as she accompanies Khosrokhan – Rasta’s father – always and everywhere, and even when a surprise birthday party was scheduled for Rasta, Nakisa was the only guest of this family, but this celebration did not take place.

Nakisa has a quiet personality, but it is not unlikely that he became interested in Rasta due to his frequent visits to Khosrokhan’s house, an interest he never dared to express, and for this reason he was very upset with Rasta and Arash’s marriage, and finally made a mad decision. To break this marriage.


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