Serial Irani Del Part 11


Manouchehr Hadi has shown in recent years that red lines are needed to get the audience to the hall and pocket on the home theater network.

Whether Manouchehr Hadi is more successful in cinema or on home theater or television is debatable in several respects; first he is filming with three major sides of script, actor and production and the bourgeois look in his work is an important item that So not every producer and investment can.

Serial del was released in the first episode and was almost in line with Manouchehr Hadi’s usual formulas. The story of Babak Kaidan, who was a successful starter, is not easy to pass, and the director’s style of storytelling (Flashback and Forward Flash), of course, and of course introducing the characters were just beginning to coincide with the score.

The next point that Manouchehr Hadi has shown in recent years is to approach the red lines in order to get audiences to theaters and to pocket on the home theater network, addressing social anomalies and undoubtedly creating a dramatic influx of family and community. Checked the magnifying glass.

In such a situation, television would probably not be a good place for Manouchehr Hadi to swim with his pack of audits and media frameworks and sometimes variations, although he also has experience in the cinema after a few days of screening Drop down and smuggle into the hands of others.

One of the important factors in building a series for the Starter Home Theater Network is to tell the story and create suspensions that are not artificial (a system that some TV directors use) throughout the story, and by raising repeated questions. It convinces the viewer to follow the story and the next.

del 11

Making a series for a home theater network requires a follow-up audience. Introducing the characters based on the priority of the story and their place in the story and their impact on the story’s history (before the story is narrated and the future of the characters), with the viewer’s mind clinging to the individual characters and finding themselves at the heart of the story. And with the light and heavy character of the characters interested in following the story.

Perhaps more than five main characters are introduced in the Dell series and in the first part, each with distinct layers that have storylines that can be elaborate and appealing.

Perhaps, with a head and neck above similar actors in the role, Hamed Behdad experiences one of the most varied roles in recent years in the role of Arash. Although the role does not come with the usual cinematic intricacies, it is definitely going to involve a lovely character that will also affect her family life.


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