Serial Irani Del Part 10


Serial Irani Del Part 10 with its romantic theme is getting a lot of attention these days. And now movie sites are offering weekly download links to the Serial Del.

The story of Serial Irani Del Part 10 is a home theater network about the love between Rasta (Sara Bayat) and Arash (Hamed Behdad), who, after many struggles and ups and downs, finally reach their wedding day.

But on the night of the wedding celebration, the old love of Rasta comes and shows itself and a love triangle with all its frills and conflicts arises.

Serial Irani Del Part 10 is presented in 28 episodes and two episodes in 14 episodes. The director of the series is Manouchehr Hadi, who had previously recorded the romantic series in his career.

Since the romantic series was very much welcomed by the fans, it is expected that the director will be able to make the romantic series as well.Locally shot film was often filmed in Tehran and short sections were recorded in the north.

Two of the most important features of Serial Del Part 10 are the use of cast and the large number of cast.

In fact, Serial Del’s actors have been chosen from popular celebrities. Hamed Behdad, Sara Bayat, Yekta Naser Kourosh Tahami, Mehrawa Sharifinia, Saeed Rad, Bijan Omkanian, Nasrin Moghanloo, Afsaneh Bayegan and Maryam Saadat, Leila Zare, Bahram Afshari, Mehdi Koushaki, Ali Spokesperson and Hassan Arab are actors. The series has played a role.

The authors of Serial Del are Babak Kaidan and Maysam Kaidan. Kaidan has previously co-authored the Mannequin series and is apparently keen to write romantic screenplays.

In the first three days of its release, Serial Del was able to beat the record for online serial broadcasting, with 13.4 million minutes of online streaming. So that Dell’s download and serial download terms were the most searched for by serial enthusiasts.

With these interpretations, critics have had negative reviews about the script and atmosphere of the Serial Del. They believe that the theme of the series itself is a stereotypical one, and that only a unique and distinct angle in screenwriting and directing can give it a new look, but unfortunately, that has not happened and the director has chosen the actors and celebrities. The famous wants to make up for this defect.

On the other hand, they believe the storytelling space is in a prosperous and lucrative category, and the director and screenwriter have created a sort of artificial charm in this luxurious, glamorous appearance. Despite all these reviews, fans of the series are looking for newer episodes every day on free and paid movie download sites.


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