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These protests and criticisms, which are mostly about the series ‘slow pace and slow pace, have prompted Manouchehr Hadi, as the series’ director, to respond to them through interviews and Instagram posts.

Are Manouchehr Hadi’s responses to criticism convincing? Denying a large number of critics of Manouchehr Hadi in his latest reaction, he published a post on his Instagram and wrote in a part of it: “Few respectable audiences believe that nothing has happened in this series yet.”

The important weakness of the work cannot be ignored by denying that “many” critics of the series are critical of the series. We said that Manouchehr Hadi has already explained the series on his personal page or in interviews about the slow rhythm. Hadi probably wouldn’t have responded if the number of critics had been “small.” His various reactions to the issue prove that there is such an atmosphere among the viewers about the series.

In addition, Manouchehr Hadi explicitly stated in the “Cafe Aparat” program that from episodes 4-5 to episode 10, when he realized that there was a lot of criticism and the audience was bored, he decided to reduce three episodes of the series and this series from Cut 43 episodes to 40 episodes. Definitely, this director doesn’t cut the number of episodes of his series because of the small number of people! After all, it is enough for Manouchehr Hadi to take a look at the comments of this Instagram post to find out the real opinion of the audience once again.

Another weakness of Manouchehr Hadi’s answers is the justification of the slowness of the series by using its romantic theme. “Slow rhythm is inherent in this work,” says a person who is sitting in a coffee shop and talking while talking. Such a thing is not possible. “How can one speed up the rhythm when two people are talking romantically or one person is proposing to another?”

Hadi had recently mentioned on the radio program “Sahneh” that the series is not action-packed, and recently in an interview with Fereydoun Jirani on the internet program “Cafe Aparat” he gave the same answer. Certainly, the lack of action and the absence of chase scenes in a play is very different from the stagnation of the story and its slowness. The romance of a work does not conflict with the proper development of the story or the adequacy of its useful time. So that’s not a good excuse for a short story and a slow script.

Manouchehr Hadi’s idea of ​​destruction and personal animosity has been criticized for destroying him and his work. Some time ago, a cinema critic tweeted about the lack of useful time for the series “Del” and wrote: “Out of curiosity, I calculated his useful minutes, by deleting the music scenes (clips), what you saw and what you will see and flash. “Unfortunately, with the negligence of about 29 minutes, the storytelling process has been this part.” Although the tweet was widely reported in the media, it has been written by many media people and audiences.

After these remarks, Manouchehr Hadi wrote in a post: “The series” Del “is the highest number of visits to home shows. “Critics and immoral rivals are still trying to destroy our work at any cost.” When critics, audiences, and members of the media agree on a weakness, such as a lack of useful serial time or a weak story, goals such as destruction or intentional criticism are meaningless. Once the analysis is based on the minutes of the series and the documentary, it can no longer be called mere taste or enmity. To be seen means the satisfaction of the audience? Manouchehr Hadi has also cited the number of viewers of the series “Del”.



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