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Serial Irani del 29

This series is the story of two families, a girl and a boy, who are planning to marry each other. But on their wedding night, when many preparations have been made, the bride suddenly disappears from the barber shop and the wedding ceremony is disrupted. Arash and Rasta are the couple in the series who are going to get married, but it happens.

Now, what is the secret behind this incident in which Rasta is willing to end his wedding night and disappear?

This series is one of the most popular on the home theater network, which revolves around two important characters in the story.Episode 45 is the last episode of the series Del, which has many predictions about the story of the last episode of the series Del.
Many of the actors in this series, such as Sara Bayat and Hamed Behdad, have not commented on the end of the story.

The heart of a social melodrama, which is summarized in the story, Arash (Hamed Behdad) and Rosta (Sara Bayat), who love each other, reach their wedding day after many ups and downs, but with the discovery of Mehran (Mehdi Koushki), an old rival. Adventures take place on the wedding night.



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