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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 8

Aghazadeh series is one of the series that was distributed in 1999. Directed by Behrang Tofighi and written by Hamed Angha with the presence of a collection of film and television celebrities from Amir Aghaei (as Nima Bahri, Aghazadeh and Amir’s half-son), Niki Karimi (as Tina and Nima employee and friend Razieh), Amin Tarakh ( In the role of Haj Reza and Sharifa’s wife) and Mehdi Soltani (in the role of Dr. Amir Bahri and Aghazadeh’s stepfather’s story) and Amin Hayaee (in the role of Behrooz and Nima’s friend) and Kambiz Dirbaz (in the role of Shahnam and Aghazadeh’s friend) and others.

Gentlemen and nieces and nephews, along with grooms and brides of famous billionaire women, the spoken and written literature of Iranian media and social networks has been quoted for a decade.

People who are examples of violation of meritocracy and looting of the nation’s property by force, robbery and looting of the treasury, and some of them fell into the clutches of the law and went to Evin prison like Seyyed Mohammad Hadi Razavi and Queen Daru (Shabnam Nematzadeh).

The famous Aghazadeh of these years, Sasha Sobhani, although he owes the dollars of his gambling site in his luxury life abroad, but he believes that the gene is not good and his income is the product of business intelligence! After all, Sasha Sobhani is the eldest son of Ahmad Sobhani, a high-ranking diplomat with a background in the Foreign Ministry in Venezuela and other countries. Recently, Sasha Sobhani has reacted to the Aghazadeh series.



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