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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 6

Hamed Angha and Behrang Tofighi, in repeating a joint experience, went to make Aghazadeh serial for home show.

Aghazadeh series will soon be in front of the camera with the presence of famous actors from the world of art, and Sina Mehrad, an actress who collaborated with Behrang Tofighi in the series “Father”, will again appear in front of the camera in this production made by Mr. Director.

Sina Mehrad joined the cast of Aghazadeh series as a new actor and played with famous actors in the art world.
With the announcement of this news by the public relations of Aghazadeh series and Hamed Angha’s interest in Hamed’s character, there is a possibility that Sina Mehrad will play a role called Hamed in this series.

Behrang Tofighi and Hamed Angha, who have common experiences such as the series “Father”, “On the Head” and “Beautiful Revolution” in their artistic repertoire, took Aghazadeh in front of the camera in the latest experience of collaborating for the home show. There is a character with this name in his serials.

Sina Mehrad, whose real name is Sina Soheili, is the son of director Saeed Soheili and the brother of Saed Soheili, an actor from our country, who started acting as a child and became more and more popular among the people by playing the role of Hamed in the series Father.



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