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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 19

Politically, Aghazadeh is a series that uses the real events of the government apparatus. As time goes on, sometimes great and sometimes micro-similarities are seen between contemporary news and fiction.

Like a mockery of Lavasan lands that made news. But given the differences alongside these similarities, none of the characters are actually symbols of a particular person. Only part of the margins of different people are included in the characters.

This reckless political atmosphere may confuse the viewer at first. Because behind the scenes of economic corruption, no one is lovable. But a sense of freedom of expression and criticism of a space whose destructive consequences are obvious at the community level, no matter what is behind it, can reduce the confusion.

People see with their own eyes what they have heard about reality in the Aghazadeh series. However, along with these interpretations, with a little bit of sharpness, comparison of teasers, what you will see and videos in cyberspace can be detected, censorships are applied.

In addition to the above topics, current romance is also seen in Aghazadeh. Hamed’s character continues to show the shame that made him take a satisfied look at his heart and sing a concubine to eat and so on. After all this time, Hamed blushes when he says he loves you. This positive character is really rare in today’s world.

However, there are not many boys who are as corrupt and rude as Nima, and these are the two poles that can make a series work without normalization.

Razieh’s character insults the viewer when she does not inform Hamed enough, but in general, the actor of this role, Pouradis Pourabedini, has been able to satisfy a large number of audiences.



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