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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 18

In the first part, Razia was released from prison, and in the sixteenth part, this scene is repeated.

In a way that the audience thinks the story has reached the starting point by turning the past.

The series returns to the scene where Razia rides in Tina’s car, but later realizes that the scenes are similar, or the first part is a fantasy, or there are still questions and answers like hidden secrets.

There are also questions that the viewer himself is waiting to be answered. Including the role of Nozar, who was associated with Razia for some time, and his name is not mentioned in recent episodes.

It is unlikely to be present for no reason. Or, for example, the reason for Sarah’s acquaintance with Razia is another enigma. This acquaintance seems like a cinematic event. It seems that this acquaintance is necessary to complete and beautify the script.

From a perspective, Sara was initially an intermediary on Nima’s part, but Sarah’s contributions to Razia contradict this view. Sarah’s role makes the audience more thirsty to discover the secrets, so it is effective for traction.

In a more general sense, it is unusual for a case of an economic corruptor to fall into the hands of an expert who is his childhood companion, and this feature is one of the common events in filmmaking.

Of course, the complexities make the series interesting. Hamed and Nima, along with a knowledge of the past, figure out their magic, the so-called film itself.

Politically, download Aghazadeh is a series that uses the real events of the government apparatus. As time goes on, sometimes great and sometimes microscopic similarities are seen between contemporary news and fiction. Like a mockery of Lavasan lands that made news.

But given the differences alongside these similarities, none of the characters are actually symbols of a particular person. Only part of the margins of different people are included in the characters.



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