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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 17

Aghazadeh series is the most watched series on the home network these days, which has received a lot of good luck in order to attract the audience.

The issue of the abuse of power by the children of officials has been referred to in society for several years as the nobility.

The focus of the series is Aghazadeh, which in combination with other cases that are sometimes less talked about or addressed, has made Aghazadeh a series that we hear a lot these days.

For Hamed, these questions do not arise because he did not live in Razia’s background. We may have the impression of security people, but this perception is not necessarily the same as reality, and this does not mean the wrong audience, but the wrong comparison.

That is, your words are true in their own context, but when they fall into the context we have defined, they conflict.

Here you may say that I do not accept the whole of this field, there is no problem, but you can not ask us to ignore our knowledge of this subject.



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