Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 12

part 12

Prior to the distribution of Aghazadeh, the most popular series in Namava belonged to the series “Homogeneh”, which “Aghazadeh” was able to replace.


The entire physical version of the first episode of “Aghazdeh” was sold out on the first day of broadcasting.

An examination of the online viewing rate of “Aghazadeh” on the Filimo distribution system shows that the series has surpassed previous records in the first four days by a very significant distance.

Behrang Tofighi’s latest online watch statistics until 12pm on Wednesday on the Filimo platform are 25 million 861 thousand 865 minutes, which is a new record in watching online series on the home theater network with a difference of several million minutes compared to previous statistics. O watch it shows by the audience.

The distribution of the physical version of the most popular series of the home theater network in the first 4 days of its release ended 24 hours after the distribution, which is another record set by “Aghazadeh”.

Another point of distinction is “Aghazadeh”, which holds a record beyond all previous records in the field of home serials.

Having the longest first episode in between, without the parts of what happened and what you will see, while the titration was also broadcast on the images of the series.

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