Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 10

aghazadeh 10

The prominent cinema actor, in the role of Haj Hassan, joined the “Aghazadeh” home theater network to experience the second series of his career.


Jamshid Hashempour, a 75-year-old actor in Iranian cinema who has recorded more than 100 roles in his artistic career, is the latest actor whose presence in the series “Aghazadeh” has been confirmed.

“Aghazadeh”, designed, written and produced by Hamed Angha and directed by Behrang Tofighi, is Hashempour’s second serial experience after “Shahrzad”. Mehdi Soltani, Amin Tarakh and Amin Hayaee are other actors whose presence in the series “Aghazadeh” has been confirmed so far.

The documentary “Smell of Blood”, which is a narration of the text and margin of the series “Aghazadeh” directed by Vahid Saeedi and written by Ahmad Ranjbar, will be published soon.

The documentary, which was made to decipher “Aghazadeh” references, also includes the stages of serial formation, its media coverage, the hypertext references of the work, popular conversations about Aghazadeh, and so on.

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