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It is likely that many others are familiar with Del series part 5, a series that has been staged by leading movie and television actors for the home theater network and has now reached its fifth installment.

The director of the Del series part 5 is one of the well-known names in the profession, Manouchehr Hadi.
Manouchehr Hadi can be considered one of the most successful directors of Iranian serials who has directed popular series such as Romance, Deladegan, Amen and so on. And of course in the first two chapters of the very popular laugh program.

Del series part 5

Del series part 5
Del series part 5

The story Del series part 5 of the series is about the marriage of two young men named Rasta and Arash, who love each other, and suddenly something happens at the wedding that surprises everyone.

Hamed Behdad

Hamed Behdad was born in Mashhad on November 26, 1976 but lived in Neyshabur until his youth.

Hamed Behdad spent his childhood and adolescence in the cities of Mashhad, Tehran and Neyshabur respectively, and returned to Mashhad with his family during high school. She holds a BA in Theater Acting from Islamic Azad University of Tehran.

Hamed Behdad was first introduced to Iranian cinema with the final film, for which the nominee of Crystal Simorgh became the best male actor at the Fajr Film Festival. He later appeared as a complement to memorable roles in Iranian cinema.

He has also starred in Serial Del Part 5, which is very popular.

He appeared in the film “Third Day” (Mohammad Hossein Latifi, 2006) in the role of an Iraqi officer who falls in love with a Khorramshahri girl amid the siege of Khorramshahr. The movie went crazy.

His performance on Day Three was impressive and attracted the attention of critics and filmmakers alike.

Behdad’s success in the film No One Knows About Iranian Cats Directed by Bahman Ghobadi, he made it to the Cannes Film Festival. In 2010, starring in the crime film directed by Massoud Kimia, Simorgh received the Best Supporting Actress Crystal from the 29th Fajr Film Festival.

During his artistic career, he has been able to collaborate with many Iranian film directors, including Nasser Taghavai, Abbas Kiarostami, Masoud Kimiai, Dariush Mehrjui, etc. Unfortunately some of these collaborations have never been released for various reasons. . A fantastic realist who usually does not follow Brecht’s spacing technique and follows the Stanislavsky system.

He was also a student of Hamid Samandarian. As a guest singer, she has collaborated with Homayoun Nasiri on the Woodpecker band and has performed in several albums and concerts.


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