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Serial Del Part 4 Watch Online iranian Series

Serial Del” is a drama series directed by Manouchehr Hadi and produced by Javad Farahani, a product of Years 1 and 2 on the Home Theater Network.
This series is written in 28 parts by Babak Kaidan and Maysam Kaidan.
Elements have been filmed in the Garden of the Three Flowers Mansion in Yaland Hall in Ahnabad Mostofi.

Serial Del Part 4

Serial Del is a social melodrama that sums up the story of Arash (Hamed Behdad) and Rasta (Sara Bayat) who love each other,After a lot of ups and downs, they get to their wedding day, but with old rival Mehran (Mehdi Koushaki) arriving at the wedding night adventures.

So far, episodes 1 to 4 of the Serial Del directed by Mr. Hadi Parvaneh have been released.
According to reports, Serial Del Part 4 is set to air in two 14-episode seasons on the Home Theater Network.
According to cinema lovers, Serial Del Part 4, which is in love with the genre, is expected to become a tough opponent for the mannequin and to grab a significant amount of the mannequin collection.

Serial Del is a sequel to the romantic series, and may be somehow called Romance 2. The story of this series is a family romance and it is a very heavy work.Because it’s made with a new format in the genre.

Manouchehr Hadi, the director of the “Love” series, announced the creation of a new series called Serial Del and wrote on his Instagram: “Coming soon is the news of a Del home show series by the esteemed producer of the now-popular Iraj Mohammadi project. In the TV series “Restless Feet” I will experience working with them.

Bahram Afshari in Serial Del Part 4

Bahram Afshari

Bahram Afshari was born in Hamadan on 6 June 1366; he is unmarried and single.

In 2003 he started theater work at the amateur level in Hamadan and, according to himself, chose acting in the theater to stay away from everyday life.

But he became interested in the profession and in 2009 made the biggest decision of his life, namely, migrating from Hamedan to the capital – Tehran, and attending Hamid Samandarian’s acting classes.

With this migration and change of practice, he was able to bring himself closer to a professional acting career and further his activities in the field of theater.he also stars in Serial Del Part 4 .

Much of his artistic activity has been in the theater, as he has been in the Fajr Theater Festival for many years.

Bahram Afshari has recorded his ability to play various personalities in his artistic career. If we look at his cinematic and television works, we will find that the only commonalities of the characters he plays are only his physics, and he has been able to play different themes well and separately from his previous themes.



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