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Resistance 2020 Drama Movie

Despite its good actors, including Jesse Eisenberg as Marcel Marceau, a pantomime artist who was a hero during World War II, the screenplay Resistance did not tell the life story of this interesting character as it should.

Resistance, a film that is not entirely autobiographical or entirely war-torn, is as vague as its title.

The script does not deal with different aspects of Marceau’s character and tries to complete the image of this character for the audience only by presenting a few events in his life.

For example, the story of his not-so-good relationship with his father, who calls him a clown with a Hitler-like appearance after watching the performance of Chaplin’s pieces, remains unfinished. Also, his relationship with his brother or his love affair with Emma, ​​which is gradually disappearing in the story.

All the secondary characters in the story are completely forgettable, from Marceau’s relatives to an officer named Klaus Barbie who meets him on the train.

The screenplay of Resistance seems incoherent and has not been able to express the truth of the matter for the biography of this character.

Marcel Marceau’s life story is full of interesting events, such as his help to flee thousands of orphans abroad during the war, a perfectly fitting narrative of a fascinating autobiography, yet the Resistance to this courageous and historic act of his brief and Only in the last half hour of the film.

Instead, he spends most of the film with an overview of the normal days of his life under Hitler.

The result is a chaotic and eventful film that is sometimes confusing to a large audience, misusing the talent of the film’s actors and professionals.



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