Playing With Fire 2020 Comedy Movie


Since Cena made his feature film debut in 2006 with Marine, he has moved from the ring of a shipwreck to a movie screen.Cena focuses on the genres that Crest has prepared him for: action and comedy.


The actor first tested his comic abilities with Trainwreck.In this film, she plays the role of Amy Schumer’s fiancée.

Following the unexpected success of the role-playing, the emerging actor turned to more clichéd comedy roles in Sisters and Daddy’s Home 2.

In both films, she played a male-dominated character, leaving the audience to laugh at more experienced comedians such as Amy Poehler, Tina Fay, and Will Ferrell.

But in this year’s blockbuster film, Cena once again came to the fore in the unexpected role of a worried father trying to protect his daughter at a high school birthday party.

Cena will soon star in another comedy.According to Variety, the Blockers star is finalizing talks with Paramount Players to star in the family comedy “Playing with Fire.”

Written by Dan Ewen and Matt Lieberman, the play tells the story of three firefighters who end up in chaos after rescuing three rebellious children.

No more information is available about the other actors in the film and Cena’s role in it.This family comedy is not the only movie that this emerging star has in mind for the New Year.He is also set to star in a new episode of the Transformers and Bumblebee series.

In addition, she will join Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez and Robert Downey Jr. in the action / adventure animation The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.

Cena will travel to Saudi Arabia in November to take part in the Riyadh Wrestling Championships, the latest event in his program this year.The world knew the wrestler John Cena long before the actor Cena or even the comedian Cena.

His name has now become an aspect of popular culture, but he may forever be known for his bulging muscles and stubborn persona instead of his comedic persona.

However, by repeatedly appearing in the form of comedy characters, he attracts new audiences and, as a result, finds new fans.

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